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Baby Zane Gardner
Baby Zane is terminally ill, here is his story and updates



March 19,04, Zane was rushed to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown WV at about 4:30 am, at 7:40 am he was rushed into emergency surgery to remove fluid from his brain.  He was 4 1/2 months old.  After several test throughout 3 days, we were told Zane had a tumor in his brain and it was pushing against his brain stem, and had to be removed because it was bleeding. On March 23,04 at about 4:30 pm he went into surgery,at about 3:30am the next morning he came out. He surrvived the surgery.  Several days we waited to hear if it was cancerous.  It was.  He was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor called "A TYPICAL TERATOID RHABOID TUMOR".
So far he has had 4 surgeries. He is currently in The Childrens Hospital Of Pittsburg waiting to see if treatment can be done.
We have had so many people asking about Zane, but we have not had time to return all the phone calls.  Zanes grandmom (Karen) put together this web page for all the family , friends, and everyone we dont know that has prayed and asked about Zane.  May God Bless Everyone Of you.
On April 16.04, we were told they found 2 more tumors, these are in his spine, and can not be removed..  One tumor totally coats his entire spinal cord, the other one rest at the top of his spine.  Still waiting to see if treatment is an option.  Zane has undergone 2 more surgeries. One to put in an internal shunt, and the other to put in a port. A shunt goes from his brain and into a pocket in his tummy to drain the fluid. A port is used for several things, it goes into a central vaine so they can do chemo treatments. He also has a G tube, which is in his stomach, and used to feed him by and administer medicine.  So now we are up to 7 surgeries.   On April 22,04, Zane's Dr. told us, they were not able to do the treatments they needed to do because of the tumors in his spine, they will now try to do regular chemo treatments to try to shrink the tumors in his spine, if they can shrink them, then they can do another treatment that may help him, but for now we just wait and pray.  On the following pages you will meet Zane's family and find out more about him.  Some of the pictures maybe upsetting, But some are good too.  If you would like to e mail Zane and his mom, please do so, we read them to him, I think he likes them. I know his mommy likes to read them, just knowing that so many people care and are praying for Zane, makes a world of differance to her.  If you would like to write a letter to them, you can do that too.  Just send it to , Zane and Mary Gardner P.O. Box 375  Elkins WV 26241.   e-mail is       I know they would love to hear from everyone.

My moms name is Mary, she is an MP in the US Army Reserves, she is 22, and the best mommy in the world, she never leaves me, accept to go eat or sleep.   Since I am only 6 months old , there isnt a lot to tell about me, but my grandmom (Karen), she found out that I like bluegrass music.  My favorate is Oh Brother Where Art Thou, so now she calls me her little soggy bottom boy.  I want to show you some pictures of my family, so check out the family photos.  I do hope you will write, I think it would make my mommy happy.

April,23,04.  Zane had his first chemo treatment, he did well, but it made him very weak and sick.  Mommy  didn't take it well, it made her sad.


Zane got to come home on April 29, 04,  unfortunately on April 30, 04, he was life flighted to Ruby Memorial.  With chemo, it makes his white blood cell deplete, and he got an infection, his body didnt respond well to the treatments, and they have to discontinue the treatments for a week to see how he is doing.  He is now at Ruby Memorial in Morgantown WV.  He is on medication to fight the infection, and to bring up his white blood cell count.  Please Continue To Pray.
UPDATE: 5/1/04     Zane has an infection, no white blood cells, which is normal for someone taking chemo, they are giving him lots of antibiotics, it's a waiting game.  They stopped his feeds for a while.
5/5/04  Zane seems to be doing a little better, he is very vocal today.
5/12/04   Transferes Zane to Children's Hospital Of Pittsburg, they want to see if he is well enough to resume the chemo treatments
5/13/04  They are wanting to do surgery on his stomach to keep him from throwing up, they want to do this on Monday 5/17, I will put in an update after he is out .  PLEASE KEEP PRAYING
5/10/04  They did his surgery on Tuesday instead of Monday, sorry I didnt get on until today,  he came throught the surgery fine, he is sleeping and resting now, I talked to Mary this morning, they started him on pedilite and are giving him pain medicine. I will up date again as soon as I can.  I cant thank you enough for your prayers, it means so much to the family, and it keeps us going, GOD BLESS YOU ALL

5/22/04, up date;  Zane is doing well, he is up to 25 cc's of formula, DR. said if he keeps doing well he may get to come home soon, THANK GOD!, Please keep praying. You are all in our prayers  GOD BLESS


this is me at 3 months old with my granny
granny is so funny

me at a week old
I think I was hungry, love those fingers

about 2 weeks before I went into the hospital
granny likes it when I smile

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