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February 4,2008.
It has been a long time since I have updated Zanes site.  I guess it was harder than I thought to come back here. I have read all of your coments in his guest book. I am amazed at how many people remember him. God , I miss him so much. I only have to remember his smile and everything is ok.  His mommy is doing well, his little sister, Willow was born 2/13/o6. She will be turning 2 in 10 days. She is as beautiful as Zane was hansome. We have told her about her big brother and she calls him bubby. she looks at his pictures all the time, she knows who he is .  We will teach her how special he was and how he touched so many hearts while he was here.  I figured it was about time to update his site, maybe put in some pictures of his little sister and mommy. Most of all I thought it was time to open his site up to people that may need it. If you are going through this with your child, and need someone to talk to, or even yell at, please feel free to e mail me. We have , been there , done that.  Maybe we can help, or just listen.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL.,,Grandma

July 10, 06  I am so sorry I havent been updating like I should. The good news is, Zanes little sister Willow Brook was born Feb 13, 06, she is Beautiful and Healthy.  A hand full for sure and a beautiful smile like her big brother. If I can get this program to work for me I am adding some pictures.  I thank God everyday that she is healthy and I pray everyday for those who are not.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL

UPDATE 9/27/04,  It is with a very heavy heart that I pass on this information.  Baby Zane turned 11 months old on Saturday 9/25/04, at 2:08 am Sunday morning , Baby Zane earned his wings and went to heaven to be with Jesus.  He passed away at home in his mommy's arms, they were in bed when Zane passed away.  Jesus saw to it that Zane went peacefully in his sleep. Although our hearts are broken, we know that Zane is no longer suffering with this horrible  monster ,ATRT.  Zane has touched so many lives in his short little life, and has filled our life with more joy than we could have ever imagined.  We were so lucky to have had him in our life.  I will be doing another update soon, with the pictures that were taken during the last few days of his life, but for now, I am going to be with his mommy, and try to help her through this time. Thank You all for your prayers, Please keep praying for Mary, she needs your prayers.  Thank you and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
Arrangements have been made, below is the information.
Viewing will be held on Wednesday 9/29/04
Family at 5 pm, Friends at 6  pm until?
Funeral will be on Thursday 9/30/04  at 1pm
He will rest at the Maplewood Cemetary
Elkins Wv.
Flowers may be sent to
F.E.Runner Funeral Home
121 Davis Street
Elkins WV 26241
Mary would love for all of his family and friends to attend his service if possible

UPDATE 9/24/2004, Zane is on 100% oxygen (O2) at the moment, with low body temperature. Last night he didn't sleep too well and we are praying hard for him. Although he is unwell at the moment, we continue to have faith that God's will be done. We cannot begin to thank all of you for your kind words and prayers.
UPDATE  9/22/04,  I am sorry for the delay in the update, Zane has had a few bad days and a few good days, he has had several seziures, and now flem is building up in his throat,  Mary keeps cleaning it out, but is a scary thing to handle when he starts choaking from it.  He is still taking his meds for seizures, but it keeps him so sleepy.  Zane got a special unexpected suprise last night.  His Aunt Connie found a little kitten and tried to find a home for him, she stopped by to see if we knew anyone that wanted it, Mary at first said NO!, then after finding out that the kitten would have no home, Mary took him in, Mary and Connie gave him a bath, which he laied there and let them bath him, they dried him off, and then much to our suprise, he found Zane, he crawled up on Zane's lap, smelled his little head where his surgery scar is, smelled his belly, found his G tube, smelled it, then he curled up on Zane;s lap and has not left his side, Zane now has a new little buddy, this kitten, will not leave Zane and if you make him move, he looks around until he finds a way back to him, when you are caring for Zane, the kitten will set and watch everything you do and when you are finished, the kitten will crawl back on Zane's lap and there he will stay.  Mary thinks GOD has sent Zane an angel.  I have never seen an animal take to a person like this kitten has, maybe he is ZAne's angel.  We continue to believe for a complete healing,  our faith is strong, but our hearts are heavy, we dont know what to expect.  I pray for all of you, I thank you for your prayers and keep you all in my prayers.  You will never know how much it means to his mommy to know that you all are praying for Zane.  Thank you all and may GOD BLESS YOU.

UPDATE 9/16/04,  Zane has had a few rough nights,   Mary is having it rough too, she tries so hard to be strong for Zane.  We know that GOD is not done yet, and we are still keeping our belief for a miracle,  We are trying to squeez a life time into what ever time GOD allows us with him.  He has shared time with his family and friends, although he is still on some of his meds to contoll the sizures, and they do make him sleepy, we still find time to enjoy our time with him.  PLEASE continue to pray for him, and for Mary.  I want to thank everyone for their prayers, and for your encouraging words.  We will keep you all in our prayers.  I am putting up some of his pictures today, I will try to update you as soon as I can.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL

UPDATE 9/14/04,  Zane had a bad night last night, he had a bad seizure, and was posturing, Mary gave him his adavan  which stopped his seizures and allowed him to rest.  I was not able to finish his pictures on his special days, I will do that as soon as I can, but I  don't want to leave them too long.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR HIM,  GOD isnt done yet.  GOD BLESS

UPDATE  9/13/04,  we had a great day yesterday, Zane got to see a lot of his family and friends, he got to taste several things, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and his early birthday cake, which he had all over him. We took lots of pictures, and video.  He got to feel grass for the first time.   He will have a lot of FIRST , we want to make his days as happy as we can.  I do hope that you continue to pray for him and Mary.  I continue to believe in GOD'S Miracle,  GOD said by his stripes we are healed, I believe this, and hold to this, until GOD shows me otherwise.  Please keep praying, we hold you all so dearly in our hearts, and keep you all in our prayers.  GOD BLESS

UPDATE  9/12/04,  Zane was rushed to Davis Memorial Thursday evening just hours after having his treatment, he had a heart rate of 203, res at 189 and a temp of 102.  Davis memorial  got his fever down and heart rate down and did a CAT scan, where they found  something on his brain,he was then rushed by ambulance to The Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh.  They  found that the cancer has covered most of his brain.  This is very hard for me to tell you all about this , Friday morning his DR told Mary that there was nothing more they can do for him, it was time to take him home.  We have as little as a few days or as much as a few weeks.  We brought him home last night, hospics has been set up for him.   Now its GOD'S turn.  Please keep them in your prayers and PLEASE  PRAY FOR MARY.     I will try to update you as often as I can.   I will be spending more time at Mary's, I dont want her to be alone when Zane passes.  We are having a cookout today,  this was supposed to be for Mary's birthday, but we are just going to celebrate the time we have with Zane. and to give him as much enjoyment as we can, he will get to swing in his new swing, and ride in his new wagon, and see everyone that loves him.  I cant begin to tell you what we are feeling, but I can tell you that our faith is strong, and no matter what, we know that GOD is there with and for Zane, and Mary.  GOD BLESS you all for your prayers, we will continue to keep you all in our prayers.  We had heard that Ben isnt doing well either. To Ben and his family, we are praying for him and for you, keep your faith strong and hold eachother tight.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL

UPDATE 9/02/04,  Zane   came home early yesterday evening, he is doing much better, he goes tomorrow for his treatment..  I would like to thank you for praying for him and his mom, they really need your prayers.   Thank You. We continue to keep you all in our prayers.  MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL  

UPDATE 8/30/04,  Zane is still unable to come home, he is doing better but they want to keep him a little longer for observation.  Mary said , maybe Wednesday or Thursday.  There is some good news.  He is well enough that they started physical therpy, he is moving his left side of his body much more, he is able to turn his head with a little help.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot but believe me it is.  GOD keeps giving us little miracles, I think it's just building up to a giant miracle of total healing .  THANK YOU GOD.

UPDATE  8/27/04,  We have a little bad news,  Zane had a couple of  seizures so they have decided to keep him a little longer, they are going to see how he is doing tomorrow and if all is well, then he can come home. 

UPDATE 8/27-04,  Zane is doing much better, he had his mafosfamide treatment yesterday and handeled it well, I talked to Mary this morning and Zane will get to come home late this afternoon.  Although we wont be able to take him out,unless it's necessary, he will have lots of toys to play with when he gets home.   The GLORY IS GOD'S, with out him, none of this is possible,  Zane is proof that GOD is still here and he is still doing MIRACLES.  THANK YOU GOD, and THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT KEEP PRAYING FOR ZANE and for MARY

UPDATE 8/25/04,  today Zane is 10 months old.  I called and sang happy birthday to him, we dont miss a month without celebrating the blessing GOD has given us.  Zane is doing much better, they started him on formula last night, he is doing well with it and if all goes well, he may be able to come home on Friday.  Thank you all for continuing to pray for Zane.  May GOD BLESS and KEEP YOU and YOUR FAMILY

UPDATE 8/23/04,  Zane is doing much better, they have removed the bag from his side , this held the fluid that was drained from him, they are now reducing his pain medicine, and will give him formula within the next day or 2.  The swelling has gone down, his color is back and they have resumed his mafosfamide treatments as of today, he will get his second treatment Thursday and if all goes well, he will be able to come home .  His fundraiser did ot go well.  I would like to thank everyone that helped and gave their best to pull it together.  I thank all of you for your prayers, when we know that there are people that are praying and thinking about Zane, it gives us all strength.  Saturday was Mary's birthday, I hated that I couldnt be there with her and Zane at the hospital, but when Zane comes home we will have 2 reasons to celebrate.  Thank you and may GOD BLESS

UPDATE ,  I went to see Zane yesterday, they had to do surgery, his belly was swollen to 23" from the fluid.  He is now resting and his tummy is down to 191/2 in,  he is feeling much better.  He is still on antibiotics, pain medicine, and fluid drip.   Hopefully he will come home soon. Thank You for Praying for him.  GOD BLESS

UPDATE 8/14/04,  Zane is still in the hospital, he is stable, he has a lot of fluid build up from the infection, they need to do surgery to releave the fluid, but cant do the surgery, because his white blood cell count is too low.  They are trying to build up his count to do the procedure.  I am going tomorrow to see them, I will update again as soon as I can

UPDATE  8/12/04,  Zane has been in intensive care since Monday, he has septic shock , which is an infection in the blood, a very serious condition.  Yesterday he was moved to a regular room, his condition is stable at this time.  Your paryers have brought him through again,  Thank You God for all of the people that are praying for baby Zane.  I will update again as soon as I have more information.  GOD BLESS.

UPDATE  8/6/04   Zane came home from the hospital last evening, he was a little groggy from the treatments, but seem to be doing well today.  Mary gave him a bath and he was trying to splash.  It's the little things that have a way of making your day.   His fundraiser was rained out,not many people showed up, so some of the players decided that he deserved a better turn out and they are doing it again.  This will be held August 20th and 21, same place, RIVER ROCKS off of rt 33, between Elkins and Buckhannon. I will be sending a flyer out to everyone on his e mail list, if you can, print it out,pass it on and place it somewhere where it will be seen.  I also updated the music fest link with pictures of the people that did come out and play for him.  Zane got to come out for a while on Sunday, we got some great pictures, he loved the music. Take a look, and let everyone know we are going to try this again.  ALSO,  his last spinal test is still showing NO TUMOR CELLS,  God has truly given us a miracle.  I pray that God Blesses You All.  You have given us strength in your prayers.  GOD SPEED

UPDATE  8/3/04.  Zane is at The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for treatment. He will be there for 4 days, they will be doing 3 different kinds of chemo treatment.  This is very hard on him and it makes him weak for quite a while. Please keep Praying for him. He neede your prayers and his mommy needs them too.  Also, we had his music fest this past weekend, we were rained out and not many showed up. BUT,  there were some very nice men there that have decided to do the fest again for him. This will be the weekend of Aug 20th.  Check out MUSIC FEST and see the pictures and the people that were there.  Thank you all for continuing to pray for Zane and his mom, GOD BLESS YOU ALL

UPDATE  7/28/04  , Zane will go into the hospital tomorrow for 3 days of treatment.    I will update as soon as I hear anything.  Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers.   GOD BLESS

UP DATE  7/23/04   Zane had his treatment yesterday, he was very weak when he came home. We do have some great news ,  the spinal tap is not showing any tumor cells.  THANK YOU GOD.  Although his battle is far from over, God is always there with him .  I hope you will continue to pray for him.  You are all in our prayers.  Zane will go back to PA on Thursday.  I will up date as soon as I can .

UPDATE 7/17/04    I am sorry for waiting so long to up date.  Things have been hard on Zane and Mary.  His first  treatment on July 8th was very hard on him, he had his second on July 13, and his 3rd on July 16.  The last 2 were not as bad on him, he is still weak, but doing good.  His treatments will continue 2 times a week to Pittsburgh, for 6-8 weeks and then once a week after that.  The test are showing signs that the tumor cells have decreased.  We thank God everyday and continue to keep our faith that he will be totally healed . Please continue to pray that he gets stronger, and better.  GOD BLESS

UPDATE  7/7/04    Zane has to go back to The Childrens Hospital  of Pittsburhg, on Thursday the 8th for the mafosfamide treatment, we dont know how long he will be there.  We are praying that this treatment works, thank you all for your prayers. GOD BLESS

UP DATE 6/30/04    I just spoke to Mary, she had the most wonderful news
they took more pictures of the dye and IT MADE IT ALL THE WAY AROUND,  THANK YOU GOD,  THAT MEANS  they can now do the mafosfamide treatment.  THE GLORY IS GOD'S, PRAYER WORKS, PLEASE KEEP PRAYING.  THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

UP DATE  6/30/04,  Zane and Mary had a long day Monday and Tuesday, the test they have done are, eye and hearing, MRI, and the dye test.  There is some great news.  The results of the MRI, showed no new tumor growth in the brain, and the tumor at the top of his spine can not be found, and the tumor coating his spinal cord, has reduced in size, and the dye test, 20 minutes after the dye was administered, it had reached the top of his brain, an hour later it had gone further, they will take some more pictures this morning to see if the dye has made it all the way around, if it has, then they will be able to do the mafosfamide treatment.   All I can Say is THANK YOU JESUS,  all of your prayers are being answered.  Thank you all for praying for Zane.  He will be going into surgery today at 12:30, they are taking out his port and putting in another port, the old port has stopped working.  GOD IS WORKING . PLEASE KEEP PRAYING

UP DATE 6/24/04    We took Zane to have his pictures taken today, the woman was so good with him she understood the circumstances and took her time with him, I saw some beautiful shots of him, I can't wait to get them back, we did however have a hard time keeping him awake.  All morning he was singing and cooing and wide awake, we get to K mart and what does he do, yep sleep, it was funny, as soon as we get them back I will post them.  I think I am in trouble though, do you know how hard it will be not to get all of the shots they took?  Being a grandma is such fun, I am so excited.  He is doing well, he has started moving his head back and forths, now all he needs to do is learn the word no. He is kicking his feet, and moving his left arm more often. This doesn't sound like much, but its somethng that the doctors told us not to get our hope up about.  WOW!! Isn't God Awsome. 

UPDATE  6/21/04,   Zane will be going to Pa on the 28th for  7 to 10 days, for test and treatment.  The test that they will do is, a dye test to see if the chemo has shrunk the two tumors on his spine,  if they have, then they will do a treatment called mafosfamide, they think this treatment may kill the cancer cells. They are also doing a hearing and eye test.  This treatment will very hard on Zane, but we are believing that when they do the dye test and the mri, that they will find that God has cured him.  Please keep him in your prayers.

UPDATE, 6/12/04  My computer has been down since Sunday, so I wanted to give everyone an update, Zane is doing well, he still gets sick from the treatments but he seems to be doing good.  I took him to the park Wednesday and to a tent revival, he fell in love with the gospel music they played at the revival.  He was prayed for by many people, and I know in my heart that God healed him.  I just wanted to let everyone know how he was. God bless you all , grandma karen

UP DATE, 6/5/04   Zane came home and seems to be doing fine, thank you all once again for all your prayers

UP DATE, 6/5/04,  Mary took Zane to Morgantown Wednesday for treatment, while he was there, thay said he had a fever and decided to keep him.  They did some test and everything came back ok, he may be released today.  Sorry for the delay in the up date.  I will let everyone know when he is  released.

UP DATE  5/31/04  Mary had to rush Zane to Ruby Memorial today, a big red knot showed up on the side of his head. They have done a cat scan, no results as of yet, as soon as I hear anything, I will up date again, PLEASE KEEP HIM IN YOUR HEARTS AND IN YOUR PRAYERS

UP DATE<  5/30/04,  today is Sunday, tomorrow makes a whole week Zane has been home.  He is doing very well, still throwing up a little from the chemo, but that is to be expected.  We have enjoyed every second we have had with him.  He is very vocal at time, when he removes his thumb from his mouth. He has met several family members , and several new friends.  Tomorrow we are having his first cook out.  All I can say is the praise goes to God.  I cant tell you all how much your prayers mean to the family.  Keep praying for a full healing.  We keep you all in our prayers as well. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

UP DATE,  May 27,04,  Zane came home Monday night, he seems to be doing very well, he turned 7 months old on the 25th.  He went to Morgantown today for chemo, it always makes him sick for a few days, but I know he will be fine.  THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING FOR ZANE. 

UP DATE:  May 17,04  they were supposed to do surgery today, they have desided to wait until tomorrow.  they are making his G tube into a  J tube, to keep him from throwing up

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